Gary R. Klein

Gary R. KleinGary R. Klein is a managing attorney at the New York City based personal injury law firm of Weitz & Luxenberg.

Mr. Klein is responsible for all day-to-day operations and for determining which prospective negligence cases to accept based on a meticulous assessment of the injuries claimed, the time frames in which they occurred and many other considerations that shape a litigation’s chances for success (the many clients with whom he meets find his kindly demeanor and ability to empathize most reassuring during this process).

Mr. Klein is also an accomplished negotiator who actively participates in settlement discussions as they arise — his involvement is one reason why Weitz & Luxenberg has been able to consistently secure such substantial sums (often reaching seven figures) from defendants who conclude that a fight in court will end badly for them.

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Notable Court Victories
Amount Case Case Type Victory Type
$10,000,000 Sanchez v. Project Adventure Inc., et al. Personal Injury; Product Liability Verdict
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Multimillion-Dollar Verdicts & Settlements Club - member since 2017.

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