Perry Weitz

Perry WeitzPerry Weitz is a co-founding member of the New York City based personal injury law firm of Weitz & Luxenberg.

After launching Weitz & Luxenberg, Mr. Weitz took care to populate the firm with attorneys who shared not only his impassioned views about the price corporations and wealthy individuals must pay for their negligent or willful acts committed against the innocent, but who also shared his energy, his enthusiasm and — above all — his extraordinary depth of understanding about what is possible under the law and along the outermost edges of its continually shifting contours.

U.S. presidents have sought his advice. Likewise legislators, academicians, nonprofit business managers, association leaders, charity directors and many others. The reason is simple: Perry Weitz is a man of ideas, with the clarity of vision that makes his a voice much sought-after — and sought-after in particular by those who lack a voice of their own.

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Notable Court Victories
Amount Case Case Type Victory Type
$53,500,000 Estate of Brown v. Bendix, et al. Wrongful Death; Asbestos Exposure; Product Liability Verdict
$47,000,000 Crouteau v. Consolidated Edison, et al. Personal Injury; Asbestos Exposure; Product Liability Verdict
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Multimillion-Dollar Verdicts & Settlements Club - member since 2017.

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Phone: (212) 558-5500